What Is likoria?

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What Is likoria?

LIKORIA (leukorrhea) is really a restorative term that indicates a thick, whitish vaginal release. It is a characteristic barrier instrument that the vagina uses to keep up its synthetic adjust, and to save the flexibilty of the vaginal tissue. It might likewise come about because of the irritation or blockage of the vaginal mucosa. In situations where it is yellowish or radiates a smell, a specialist ought to be get counseled since it could be an indication of a STD.


There are such a variety of reasons for leukorrhea, the standard one being expanded estrogen. The measure of release may really increment because of vaginal contamination or STDs, in which case at times it turns out to be more yellow and noxious; it is for the most part a non-obsessive side effect optional to provocative states of vagina or cervix.

Betel nut is likewise exceptionally accommodating for leucorrhoea as it cures and keeps its advancement. So biting Betel nut after nourishment eases the entire condition.

Eat one banana with ghee twice in a day is useful to die down the state of leucorrhoea.

Smash betel nut with the flower petals in sugar, gives great help from this leucorrhoea.

Take a glue produced using the Smilax China powder with drain gives best result in state of leucorrhoea. This is one of the extremely acclaimed home solutions for leucorrhoea.


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