The most effective method to make Bangladeshi Fuchka

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The most effective method to make Bangladeshi Fuchka


For Dough:

Semolina-1 container

Generally useful flour-1/2 container

Preparing pop 1/2 ts

Talmakhana-1 and 1/2 ts

Salt-1 squeeze

warm water-around 1/2 container

Oil-for profound broil

For Filling:

Potato-3 medium size

Greenchilli-5 (finely hacked)

Onion-1 (finely hacked)

Coriander leaf-2 Tbs finely hacked

Salt-1/2 ts

For Tamarind Sauce:

Tamarind-50 gm

Broiled cumin seed powder-3/4 ts

Broiled red bean stew powder-1/4 ts

Salt-1 ts

Dark salt-1/4 ts

Sugar-2 ts


Put semolina, flour, salt, preparing soda,talmakhana in a bowl. Include warm water and make hard mixture and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Bubble potato until it get to be delicate. Peel and squash potato.Then blend with green chili,coriander leaves, salt and onion.Set aside.

Include tamarind in 1 container water for 30 minutes. Make tamarind glue. Blend all tamarind sauce fixings and beat well.

Presently make 6 level with ball from the batter and make roti.

Cut roti with a 1 and 1/2 inch measurement treat cutter. Roll and cut rest of the ball similarly.

Warm oil in a container in medium warmth. Broil fuska until it turns brilliant chestnut shading.

Make a major gap amidst the fuska shell, embed stuffing there and present with tamarind sauce.


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