Sharia Patrol Savagely Beat Girl for ‘Not Wearing HIJAB’ in Vienn

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Sharia Patrol Savagely Beat Girl for ‘Not Wearing HIJAB’ in Vienna

A greater amount of the various and tolerant product of the Muslim attack of Europe. Also, the Democrats need to import this arrangement of Islamic administration here.

“So called ‘Sharia watch’ supposedly dispatch fierce assault on young lady for ‘not wearing HIJAB’ By Ajay Nair

The Express, Nov 15, 2016

THIS is the fierce minute a group of youngsters appear to more than once slap a young lady in the face for professedly expelling her headscarf.

n the terrible footage from Vienna, Austria, the youth is seen being brutally assaulted by a gathering of young ladies and a kid in what is accepted to be a “Sharia watch”.

In this clasp, she keeps her hands in her pocket and takes the savage beating, regardless of softening her jaw up two places and blood dribbling from her face.

The gathering is accounted for to have said in the video: “She has pulled the headscarf down, devastate her!”

I knew whether I would battle back, I would just get hit more. In this way, I just held up until it was over


The youngsters, who are thought to be from Chechnya, completed the debilitated assault at the Danube Center, a mall in the Karan locale of the capital.The footage comes after reports of Sharia police from the Muslim Chechen people group working in the range.

The 17-year-old casualty advised nearby media that she declined to attempt and maintain a strategic distance from the blows for fears of the downpour of viciousness heightening on the off chance that she indicated shortcoming.

She told daily paper Heute: “Look, I knew whether I would battle back, I would just get hit more. Along these lines, I just held up until it was over.”The adolescent said she was debilitated by the pack not to got to the police, but rather her sister did as such while she recuperated in hospital.A police representative said: “We know the youths, they were at that point required in comparative cases in Lower Austria.”

It is thought a gathering of six adolescents, matured somewhere around 16 and 17, are being explored by officers.The most recent episode comes after three men from a so called “Sharia watch” in Vienna were imprisoned in the wake of beating a man in the wake of interceding when they blamed his little girl and spouse for acting improperly.


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